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Bowling Home VR - My little project for VR content on Focus platform


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Hi everyone,


this is my little game of Bowling in VR. (BOWLING HOME VR)


What did you think about ? help me to make a good bowling game !


So i have a little problem, i can't change the hand right to left in runtime.

Always right controller is display. With wave SDK same problem. Anybody have the same ? i tried come content on Focus. It is the same always right controller is displayed.



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no, i tried with user settings but when i lauch my build everytime controller is right.

I tried the sample of vive focus. i have the same issue everytime.


i tried a game on the focus store, same.


is it ok for you ? do you have left controller when you choose left hand in settings ?


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It looks really great man! Im curious about the decision to move the player behind the ball. I can imagine it could be a pretty intense jarring feeling for some users sensitive to vection, but I'd love to test it out. I imagine that its quite a thrill to take the ball perspective

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Hi JF,


really thanks for your message !


yes i add this for add dynamic motion during the throw. i add in settings the possibility for user to play without this effects. you right, many people can be sick with this effects.


if you want to try i can send you an APK of the prototype.


let me know .. send me your email in MP





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Just got to try it, and quick hot-take. 


- Looks amazing! The place is very nice, and I'd like to visit again - this is a big marker for me, whether you want to go back to an environment at all. 


- Sound - I might suggest tweaking the sound track a bit more bass (because the vive focus integrated audio isn't very bassy... and the sound effect of "oh no gutterball" should probably be several different statements. 


- Controllers - very intuitive - I might slow down the touch to move a bit more to help with sensitive people, and perhaps have a snap to teleport option to quickly select the place you want to be. The hand-presence is great!


- Throwing the ball - The motion to follow ball being on by default would be a no-no for me. I might suggest that if you do keep it on by default, you only use if its is an exciting outcome - following the ball to see it in the gutter feels like insult added to injury, but if I strike and I follow the ball as a replay that might be a nice reward-thrill at the end. I had to turn off the effect to actually play it for a meaningful time... and started enjoying the actual bowling more once it was off - again I might keep it as a "delighter" when something goes really well. 


- Bugs - didn't get to spend too much time, but I did get a moment when I got two gutterballs for the price of one, and the audio and the visual feedback showed " gutter ball " once after the other. 


- Highlights - first real discoball i've seen in VR - and I really liked it! will deffinitely go back and explore the space more and see if I can use the bowling ball to smash the place up. :)

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OOOHhh great feedback. very exciting it is motivating.


- Sound : Need to work - basic at the moment

- i will try to add on the padbutton the Teleportation OK

- for zoom effect you think it is better without , i put this in reflexion

- bug corrected bor gutterbal .. normally



Allright i go to continue ... stay in touch


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