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Bowling Home VR - My little project for VR content on Focus platform


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i d'like to clarify something about Scale world


when i imported my models in unity at 1.0 scale , it seems to be small in Focus, so i added 20% scale (1.20)

for have better result impression. is it ok for you ?


 and don't you think when you understand how throw correctly, it is not too easy ?


Because me i do strike or spare maybe too often. just question i have about difficulty progression mechanics





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Hi sunKnight02, welcome

So i used Unity 2017.3.1 at the moment. don't find solution yet for switching controller Right to Left. maybe i do something wrong.


is it ok for you with UE4 ? can switch in runtime or at the beginning with user settings


thank you for your time

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Hi ,


2Bears Studio from HTC has implemented Leaderboard on Super Puzzle Galaxy (published on Viveport) based on Viveport SDK, and you can take a look first.

If you need any more assitant, I can help to link related RD to support you for implementation.


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I had an error about initializion vor Viveport SDK

"Please make sure init & isReady are successful.

i add viveportDemo.cs in scene and try to call function for see what's happen.


i added AppKey in one lign, is it OK ?


static string APP_KEY = "MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCMhFbyz+a8LhBlah3GLty9kcAPBc9yYWC9f3+3ZnaYpa2OaK24vJyV4wt6MsQpVH2Amk4+G8V+wWRxFi85MWMoQpGPRnC9ghFY97aQPUOwb5PJiUztumA8OzCiNJfmg+UmWkDRxtw7US+lWkyKkolazGMmKmTquzoK/LgVXr9ObwIDAQAB";








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allright i found.  i understood. need to call first in Start function


public void InitViveApp(){		if (bInit == false)			Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, APP_ID);	}

and after when opening leaderboard menu by example use this


	public void InitReady(){		if (bInit == true)			UserStats.IsReady(IsReadyHandler);	}

After that all functions works fine !


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