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UI Themes & Controls for Vive

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I would like to know whether there are any UI Themes & Controls that are available for VR development so that I can readily reuse the controls with predefined styles and focus more on the development.



Are there any standard UI Themes & Controls that are being used in VR projects?


Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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, There are a ton of example code bases and XR toolkits that you can use. Alot of depends on what engine you're developing in and what you're trying to accomplish. For Vive Specific controller inputs, we have the Vive Input Utility which can be helpful. 

Spatial Stories is pretty helpful as a quick starting point with templates. VRTK is good if you have scripting experience. 


There are some UI/UX elements that can be also be bought off your engine's respective aspect store but the quality will vary. 

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Thanks . Those links will defenitely help me a lot. As of now, I am planning to use VRTK since the platform can be used across different XR devices.


Will come back here as I explore more in VR space.

Thanks again.

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