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Viveport does not complete installation


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So. I have installed steam and ton of games for VR, setup my everything, played couple of days. All is good.
But. I cant install viveport (or whatever the desktop app for htc vive is called), i dont have any issues when running initial steps, but when it goes to "now we will run steam so you could set your play area" , I have successfully setup a playarea (dozen of times actually already) and then nothing happens. I have no futher installation or whatever, just my steamVR running, no viveport app, just "Vive Guide" on my apps list. No new games in steam library either (have no idea would they be imported or not, but just checked just in case).

I have re-run this "guide" installation few times, all the same.

Win10, intel i5, nvidia gtx 1060, love cats

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