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RMAed controller came back worse than it was sent in


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I sent in my controllers which had the all too common track pad won't click problem, after close to 3 months I finally get them back and in less than 3 hours of game play the problem is back in one of them worse than when I sent it in.


Honestly I don't know what I am suppose to do at this point. Does HTC expect me to pay more money to have my controller shipped out to them again and wait another quarter of a year so that maybe they can fix it this time and have it last at least a full play session? All for a controller that is still under warranty (at least for now, I'm sure they will manage to run out the clock on it if I send it in again)? Just how badly made are these controllers that even the people at their own repair shops can't fix them? How bad is their service that they'll just send back a broken controller rather than at least replace it with a working one?

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