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Redeem code now or does content change?

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Hi guys, just bought my Vive, yay. Astonishingly works perfectly on an 8-year-old PC with GTX760.
Anyway, I have the code that came in the package. What exactly will I get for that, and is the code bound to a specific bundle, or does the content change over time and I get what is the current content at the time of redeeming?


In other words, wait to redeem the code or redeem right away?

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Hi , 


The content included in the in-box redemption offer can and has changed over time. Whenever you redeem the code, you are granted the current offer. As of now, July 2018, that's a two-month Viveport Subscription.


Hope that helps.

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This is unfortunate as I bought at the end of last year during the Winter Bundle deal which was meant to include Fallout 4 and a $50 Steam gift card but I only set up the system now as I was waiting on a move that got postponed a few times. Now the code only gives me 2 months free. I was expecting what was offered at the time I purchased. The code should have been specifically for what was advertised at the time. :(

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