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Kiosk mode, disabling controller pairing update - for enterprise developers


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With the latest OTA update (version 1.41.1400.1 released on July 20, 2018)  you may have noticed the new kiosk setting under settings.

Primarily for enterprise development (also useful for arcades and public demos) you can select any app installed to be the only app that runs upon boot  (doesn't require it to be a launcher) 

You can exit kiosk mode from the power button menu and there's also an option to secure it with a 5 digit passcode.


For disabling controller pairing when you launch your app the previous method  (using intents) posted has been deprecated and the new way is by adding to your android manifest's application section:

android:value="true" />


a newer way to avoid using the manifest is to use the following API:


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With the release of Viveport streaming the AndroidManifest approach is only part of a solution.  We are using viveport streaming to visualize a game that is running on a host PC where there is no androidmanifest.  Essentially this suggestion would imply the manifest of the viveport streaming component be changed, but this is not exposed as far as I know not is the app open source.  Is there a setting in Unity or Unreal that will have the desired effect in the headset?  Just disabling controllers in an Unreal game running on a PC but displayed on a Focus+ through viveport streaming does not work.


@Dario @Cotta @Tony PH Lin

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For those interested in another way to disable the popup pairing dialog: we also have this API:


Remember the original way using intents is no longer and the current way using the manifest should still work.

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I have a Windows based steamVR app built with unreal engine that plays in the Focus through Viveport Streaming.  WaveVR SDK is for building android apps but with viveport streaming we build for Windows.  Is there a way to get this same result when the target is Windows?
@Dario @Cotta @Tony PH Lin

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