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[Tracker 1.00 Adapters are not seen by windows until unplugging and pluging them back in


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I own set of 2.0 trackers and 1.0 trackers. 2.0 work fine.

After pairing 1.0 trackers and restarting steam vr, and turning on 1.0 trackers, the led is blue and they are not visible in steam vr, after investigating, I found out that it is because dongles are not "on" and trackers are immediately recognized after unplugging and pluging usb dongles back in.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?

I tested on 2 PCs and it behaves same, both run windows 10.

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They are paired properly at all times. It seems that after booting steam VR and turning on a tracker, USB dongle does not "wake up"? After unplugging and plugging dongles back, all 3 trackers are properly paired and working. It only occurs with 1.0 trackers. I just got additional 1.0 trackers but behavior is the same before and after firmware update

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