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Disabling Tracking / setting vive pro display view and projection


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Im trying to position cameras using a pose reconstruction from a AR marker in a paper. So I need to place projection and view myself based on the reconstructed camera parameters.


1) can I disable vive pro tracking?

2) can I set projection / view matrix for vive pro displays (eye cameras)?




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I'm not sure  what you want to accomplish but since you mentioned Positron and asked about disabling Vive tracking (this isn't a Pro specific question but Vive and Vive Pro correct?) and using just the IMU data you should be aware that you would need to build your own driver for tracking as described here:





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Thanks for the reply! What I really want is to position the camera based on a tracked marker in the real world. So I need to disable vive trackers and user vive pro cameras to calibrate de view and projection matrices. Then I want to set them myself.


So in the case of a track overrride driver, I would need to access the textures of the front cameras as well. 



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