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Is this a joke or what? I just got charged this morning a subscription fee for VivePort

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I bought a Vive Pro and got a YEAR free Vive subsription (actually the code they gave me is only 6 months, yes I got jipped out of 6 months just sick of dealing with this sub par support)


But now im back, because I got charged this morning.. Can someone please explain why I would be charged when I thought my 6 months would be valid for.... 6 months?

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Hi  - the offer to get your Vive Pro redemption code 'extended' was time limited. It also required entry of your serial number for an existing Vive. If you redeemed it recently, that's what's happened. If you were told otherwise by a retailer, apologies on their behalf.


Getting charged after you've redeemed a code clearly shouldn't happen. (To be clear, we do require payment details on sign up for a Viveport Subscription, but you should not be charged (i.e. see money removed!) until the end of your trial period, or the end of your pre-paid subscription period.) If you can send me a PM with the email address associated with your account, I can get that investigated further, and if required we'll issue a refund for you.

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