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A fix about that lens distortion issue... a suggestion for HTC


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Hello HTC team, hello Tony.


So about the lens still ongoing distortion issue (there is another post about the details of it)

I would like to offer a fix and suggestion for HTC:


Provide us with a much thiner "Leather foam"



Pressing your face toward the lense nearly make the issue goes away as the issue is about the lens borders and the eyes distance from them.

It's not practical as you have to hyper tighten and you can break the mechanism AND especially make the device very uncomfortable


You (HTC) doesn't seems to be able to fix this/find a solution, it's been way too long.


Please design a new thiner foam (3 times thiner, or as thin as you can) and send it to us.

Or an ETA for the fix. (firmware update)


Thank you.

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Two things:


1. I also agree that the problem is reduced the more you tighten the headset. It has to be so tight as to be uncomfortable to really lessen it (at least with the current foam)

2. It's seriously damaging the reputation of the device. Everyone I've shown it to has commented that the Lenovo Mirage seems to "feel better" or "has better tracking". It's this problem that they are noticing.


Yours is the premium product - over the 50% more expensive than the Mirage. It really needs to be better in every regard.

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Just a short comment to say I agree - this is critical to the device. We have two at the lab, and they both have this issue - hopefully a software fix can make this better, but the abillity to bring the lenses closer with more comfortable thinner replacement gasket would be helpful for many reasons. Not only to help the lensing but also good for keeping the devices clean during demos . 

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Although a thinner gasket does reduce the issue somewhat, it's still there no matter how close you press your face into the device.  We were planning on using the Focus for large scale spatial cognition research, but that is off the table until this issue has been fixed.  I'm hopeful that it could be with some better software based lens correction/warping, but we're going to have to think about other devices in the interim.

What I want to know is, why this isn't getting talked about more?  It has such a negative impact on user experience.

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I just wana confirm (for the protocol/HTC) that this problem is serious for me also.

Please provide thinner foam.

A software solution alone will result in a smaller field of view than in vive pro.

Nontheless. Different people have different faces. Software correction should leave the user with some adjustment possibility.

Thank you 

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This is also a serious issue for me. Using the device without the foam inlay helps with distortion, so like OlivierJT pointed out, there should rly be a thinner one provided (as a quick solution) but also there needs to come a software fix!

I have to admit, this kind of holds me back from doing demos with my app. If people feel discomfort or even nausea, this is a no-go for me.

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The selfmade mod is no solution for me. I dont think we have to modify the headset ourselves. As developers we modify the software not the hardware. The hack looks too unprofessionel (no insult intended) to demonstrate to friends/customers.

I would expect a solution from HTC. The optics of the vive/pro was ok. I dont expect less from a headset with the same resolution, FOW and company.

Please HTC. Could you inform us what steps are planned in this regard? Thanks. 


P. Blattnig

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Oh, I definitely want an official fix for this.

I just couldn't bare it anymore. ^_^


The hack is professional :P

You won't see if it has been modified if no one told you about it.

The leather look a little distended, but nothing else is visible.


I have 0 regret on doing this.

Now we just need HTC to do something about it for sure.

(I removed it as a solution, you are right)

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First off, comparing screens with the Vive Pro (or regular Vive) doesn't really apply, mainly due to single vs dual diplay config.


I do like the idea of a thinner gasket, but again, I think the solution is going to have to be focussed on 1) a better software based lens correction system, then 2) use a different gasket to get a bit closer.  Losing a bit of FOV is going to have to be the tradeoff, but it's one that has to be made when dealing with 6DoF world-scale style tracking.


To give you an idea, I demoed our latest app to others, and ALL said that they felt dizzy or slightly off.  What we made used an in-engine light source off the player camera to try and soften the effect of the warping (almost like a vignetting effect), it ran at a solid 75fps and was run in a solid tracking area (about 120 walkable space).  In other words, it was the best we were able to do.

HTC, please give us the option to choose between the agressive lens correction aimed at higher FoV you have now, and something less agressive (even if there is a lower FoV). 

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