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Vive Focus - Lens Distortion


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Have just gotten the Focus in the lab, but we cannot use it for more than about 15 minutes without feeling discomfort and broken immersion - and this is coming from a team that's been developing professionally in the simulation space on the Vive for the past two years.


We are seeing extremely bad lens correction issues.  At first we were thinking that it may be tracking, but the effect is persistant and somewhat lessened when removing the gasket (almost pressing eyeballs to the lenses themselves).  A few of the guys are confident that this could be fixed software wise (using better applied inverse distortion), but what worries me personally is if there are lens/screen differences at the manufacturing stage, that mean some of us have bad HMDs and some of us don't. 

Is everyone experiencing this issue?  I'm just surprised it isn't coming up in reviews out in the wild?



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Hi there 

I'm not able to find something new about this topic.

Seems there was silence for over a month.

I still have this lens distortion problem. In this condition this headset is worthless for me.

I'm realy used to different vr headset but this causes nasea after a few minutes.

Is there some official developer support mail adress?

There is no way I'm gona invest time for development if there is no fix for this problem.

I always defended HTC but I realy think about giving the oculus santa cruz a try (Next year).

They have real controllers at least.

I realy would like to get some answer from HTC.

With best regards

P. Blattnig

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To me it looks like the head doesn't rotate on a tight axis. When you stand still and rotate your head left and right, it seems more like a sweeping rotation, like your head is forward of the pivot point, not at the center. I can't tell if that's what gives an illusion of distortion for me, but I also get the slight jiggle when I only move side to side. Maybe the tracking of the head is a little off due to the technique.

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Has HTC given up on this headset. This is a blocking issue that turns what could be a nice headset into a worthless gimmick. The focus as it currently stands is worse then a daydream headset. We've only recieved silence on this for months.


Are there plans to fix the focus so it is usable or have we just wasted our money on a useless piece of hardware?


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