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Forum Admins Locked/Censored My Thread: Forced To Take Legal Action

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The HTC forum admin, Synthesis (John C), has locked the following thread to censor what I have to say about their dire customer support:




So I will be continuing it here.


The admin, as you can see from the last message in the thread, sent me the following private message: "Could you please email us at Vive_care@vive.com? We'd be happy to help you. Thank you, -John C"


I contacted this email address on 9th August. I haven't received a reply. I haven't received a confirmation the email is being dealt with. Nothing. Yet HTC are happy to help???? Consistantly poor customer support since October 2016.


Currently today is the deadline for the formal letter sent to HTC headquarters to solve the issue as per the consumer rights act 2015. Not only has the email to vivecare been ignored, no response has been made to the formal letter.


HTC have had nearly 2 years to sort the problem, I have given them information in writing many times that I will be taking legal action. HTC are not concerned.


I will be submitting small claims form documents tomorrow, whereby legal action will be taken. As there has been an attempt to censor what I have to say, which is simply stating FACTS about HTC customer support, I will be detailing all of this via social media as well and various forums.

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Hello there. I'm the forum admin, and I locked the thread, as we took the issue to email. The thread is still available and can be read. You were emailed on August 9th by our care team; please check your Spam folder in case it was diverted there.


After diagnosis and testing of the products you previously returned to us, we have not found any hardware issues. Our EU support team is still very willing to support you and rectify any fault found that would normally be covered by warranty, even though your product warranty has now expired. If you would like to take up this offer, contact me via PM, and I’ll have Support contact you again.

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