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I've asked nicely and got no response. Can you please fix this forum?


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I have to log in every single time. Several times a day. 


And because I'm logging in with oAuth/Steam it's about 5 clicks (because for some bizarre reasons it usually fails the first time).


Please set your cookies to a reasonable expiry time. A month, a week or at least a few days. The only website I use that logs me out more frequently is my bank and at least they have some justification for being paranoid about long sessions.


If I accidentally stay logged in here for too long then I would probably guess that the world won't end prematurely.

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Hi , 


We actually took your initial report to heart and have been looking into ways to rectify this - we didn't respond to your thread because we haven't found a solution that addresses your concerns yet. Sorry for giving you the impression that we've ignored you. 


We currently have the autologout time set to the maximum that our forum system is designed to allow and we've always had it set to that maximum to avoid the issue you're encoutering. We're currently in talks with the vendor that supplies the forum technology stack to see if there is a way to customize this value above the limit they specify and that conversation remains ongoing. 

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A follow up question - what's it set to?


I'm wondering if there's something else going on as I'm being logged out several times a day.


I switch between several different machines thoughout the day. Does it log you out if you log in on a another device/browser?


It's doing something odd because I don't have this issue with any other website.

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, The maximum limit our forum solution allows is ~3.33 hours hence why you could find yourself logging in multiple times in an 8 hour work shift. We use a pretty popular forum solution but you'd only encounter this on forums that utilize this system and not the wider web at large. 


I'm not sure how it handles concurrent sessions - We can try to ask. My gut would tell me that the limit applies to each device individual based on my experience moderating here. 

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> ~3.33 hours




I'm a web developer originally. I think I've always defaulted to 7 or 30 days for non-sensitive apps (with a checkbox for "this is a public computer" of course...)


Who on earth though 3 hours was reasonable!

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