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Controller isn't recognize by headset


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Hi everyone,

Since I changed batteries of my controller, it isn't recognize by the headset. I have three headsets ans it doesn't work for the three. I wonder if I update (last one) my headsets but not this controller. Anyone have an idea ?

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You can observe the light status of controller. If it's no flash light and flash white when presee the button, it means already paired with one of three headsets.

The fast way to recover is to re-pair with specific headset.

Firstly, press volumn down key on headset to enter pairing new controller UI. (do it on 3 headsets to reset original pairing)

Second, change batteries of controller and restart so it will go into pairing mode.

Lastly, use the target headset to pair with controller.


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Hi ,


From LED status, it's meaning the controller is on download mode which might be caused by FW update failure on last time or some unexpectedly interrupt (like remove batteries during update etc.) happened.

The possible way for resolve is to provide you a new controller.

Please contact JustinVive, Moderator, to support you to check with local support based on your countries.



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You can also refer another similar topic discussion.



Please contact local support team to provide you a new controller if you clarify it's FOTA failure. (it's the fast way)

The issue has resolved on latest controller FW version ( but it might be happened on previous version during your update. 


Here is the description to clarify if you encounter controller failure issue during FOTA.


NOTE: Please don't remove batteries during FOTA.


Before update controller firmware, controller will enter DFU mode (download mode). Only if it is updated successfully, it will self-reboot to normal mode again.

When controller enter DFU mode, the led will show white light constantly.



  1. Check the LED state.
  2. Whether the LED is showing white light constantly or not.
  3. if it is updated successfully, it will self-reboot to normal mode again.
  4. If it still keeps white solid light for a long time, maybe It’s the FOTA failure. 



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I'm sorry your PM wasn't replied to in a timely manner. I don't have access to Justin's PM's so I'm don't have full context but I assume he was directing you to contact the Live Chat for your given region. 


To do so, you'd go to the support "contact us" page for your given region and use the Live chat function (avoid using the email us form) to request a replacement. You'll need the SN of the HMD (on the back of your headstrap). For the US that link is https://www.vive.com/us/support/contactus you can manually access the other countries via that page by using the country selector in the bottom righthand corner of that page. 


If you're US based - I can just ship you one myself as it will be quicker. Just PM your shipping info if that's the case. 

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