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Error 400 Compositor on Asus G703 laptop and VPRO HMD


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I have 2 Vive PRO HMD and 2 Asus ROG G703GS laptops and I have the same error on both (fresh install on both) :


"Launch Compositor" error 400. I googled it and they talk about changing primary card display but it seems I have only one because I haven't this option in NVPanel.


I already set High perf in NV panel and W10.


But no success, could someone help me ? thanks

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, Displayport is a wildly loose standard so we can't attest to individual adapters and cables as their quality and specifications can vary wildly. We've only been recommending the three foot variation of the following minidisplayport -> minidisplayport cable. It's one of the few we've found to work reliably. 


Do you have the latest Nvidia 1st party version of your graphics driver/GeForce Experience installed or is it some OEM flavor? The exact setting to change looks like this in the most recent Nvida control panel versions. 

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