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HTC are claiming I have broken my Vive!


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Almost two months ago my Vive broke after only 4 months of use. HTC has claimed the damage is my fault. This is not true as when I removed it from my head it fell apart in my hands, the entire thing is held together with a small piece of plastic, not the build quality I expect from a £500 device. I sent off for the Vive to be repaired and after a week they got back to me claiming it is not under warranty even though I haven't caused any damage to the headset and they can't provide evidence that I have. I have been going in loops with different people from customer support, I realise this is not their fault and am very grateful for their time but HTC's policy is ridiculous. They are expecting me to pay £45 just to get my headset back from them unrepaired and £70 to get it repaired, also there are bank fees as they expect you to send the money to Romania so that adds another £50 on top. This is the worst policy I have ever seen. DO NOT SEND OFF YOUR VIVE TO HTC!

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