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Vive Wireless PCI Card: PCI over Thunderbolt 3?


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On 12/13/2018 at 7:59 PM, notchrischen said:

I'm going to swap the motherboard and try out M.2 to PCIE. I know Vive says this doesn't work, but isn't M.2 basically PCIE (except I'd be connecting it with a slightly longer riser cable). The M.2 is supposed to do 32 gbps. Seeing as how my thunderbolt at 20gbps got almost usable results, I'm sure the other guy who did the M.2 setup was doing something wrong. Will report back in about a month when the riser arrives.

Almost two years later, I'd be interested to know the outcome of @notchrischen's attempt.

I have just encountered the same problem, no spare PCIe slot to mount Vive's wireless VR card. Tethered, everything works fine, but wireless would be more convenient.

Another possibility would be to move the graphics card to an external enclosure and put the wireless card in the vacated slot. But an external enclosure is two or three hundred pounds, so I wouldn't want to get one just on spec. How well does a VR-capable graphics card work in that configuration? Would it have latency or bandwidth problems?

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