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One controller is not detected

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One of my controllers (hand thingies) doesn't pair (isn't detected). Both are fully charged. I have reset both. I have positioned it all over next to base stations next to headset and it's not detected. I think updating firmware requires it to be detected? If so, I can't update it's firmware. Is there anything else I can do?


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, I wouldn't focus on the firmware for this issue. Has the controller successfully worked recently? Has it taken an impact recently? This could be caused by an internal data ribbon becoming disloged due to an impact. Here are a few other things to try:

1) Change which USB port your Vive is plugged into. This could be an issue with your USB controller - depending on your motherboard, different ports can sometimes be driven by different controllers. Ports driven by OEM controllers such as Asusmedia tend to work less reliably than those driven by your processor. 

2) Try the Unpair all controllers procedure that's detailed here. 


If you keep having troubles, I would recommend RMA'ing your controller via our support Live Chat here

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