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Unreal 2.1.0 Plugin feedback (for 4.20) and tips for setting up the controller


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There have been a lot of changes to the controller blueprints in the latest version of the WaveVR SDK 2.1.0 for the Unreal plugin. While the current setup is great for new projects it does take a while to get it working in existing projects make porting to this device more time intensive than the other mobile VR platforms that use the default Unreal motion controller component or at least extend it (as per the Daydream controller).


Ideally it would be great if in the future you could also just use the default Unreal Motion controller component - I understand it will be quite a bit of rework to do that though (basically starting from scratch I guess).



  1. Build Error: The CameraTexture_Blueprint blueprint references something from the sample project so it causes a build error on a new project. Therefore you need to delete it unless you want to use the passthrough camera in your project in which case you'll also need to copy over the referenced assets.
  2. Multiview does not work: It only shows in one eye no matter if you have mobile HDR on or off. This is a real performance breaker as it halves the draw calls. It's working now for Go/GearVR & Daydream so would be awesome if this could be fixed for WaveVR


Unfortunately the documentation is also not up to date with the latest changes:


Quick start controller instructions:

  • What is missing from the quick start to get your motion controller visible in a new project is to not only use the ControllerLoader_Blueprint  in your scene, but also to use the WaveVR_Pawn from the plugin as your default pawn set in the gamemode.


To get controller working with existing project / different pawn (please note the beam will not have all functionality. To get that as well you'll need to dig into the WaveVR_pawn and copy the required stuff):

  • The ControllerLoader_Blueprint and the AdaptiveControllerBP blueprint it loads are unfortunately casting to the WaveVR_Pawn so to get the controller working with your pawn from an existing project you need to make a few changes. Here's the changes I made:
    1. In the ControllerLoader_Blueprint function "SpawnAdaptiveControllerModel" change the Cast to WaveVR_pawn location to the location output from "get Wave VRInput Device Position" which is set to HMD.
    2. In AdaptiveControllerBP modify the following variable default values: turn to True "Always show Controller" & "Is Enable Input Module" and change "Interaction mode" to controller.


Feature request for Plugin:

  1. Force feedback on controller: Since the controller supports this it would be great if it was exposed to Unreal. As far as I can see the force feedback nodes are tied to a default motion controller component. I guess you could still make this work for your SDK
  2. Support Multiview for better performance! (as mentioned in the bugs above)
  3. Remove assets used in the example plugins project from the plugin itself into the content folder of the project. For example all those textures for the cubes - this increases the size of the plugin if they are not removed manually.


Thanks for reading hopefully we can see some of these changes in the future - and maybe the post helps out some others just starting out :D

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