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Base station bricked during initial set up


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I just bought the vive and set it up. Followed the prompts to update the firmware which then bricked on of my base stations. All this happened in less than an hour of ownership.


I was told it would be picked up today and replaced within 5 days. Although now I have been told it may not be picked up today.


This is clearly a common issue with the firmware updates. This is worse than a DOA experience. A shameful and irresponsible practice by vive to take several hundred dollars from a customer and then render their product unusable.


You have no excuse.

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As I've stated previously in many forum posts, I wish HTC would focus more on improving the problems with their current products instead of using their time and resources trying to shovel out new products. Base stations dying with firmware updates, trackpad button quits working, sweat killing HMDs, 3-1 cables having short life spans... We paid top $ for this product so I wish this money would be put into fixing these sorts of issues.

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