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SteamVR throws error 308 after running it a 2nd time on a single windows session


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I noticed that for some reason after closing down SteamVR and a while later running it again in the same windows session, steam vr likes to throw the ambiguous "Error 308". This is also the case if connection to the linkbox (either from vive or pc side) is lost by disconnecting either usb/video/power. The vive will not run with this 308 error active.

For some reasons the only (consistent) way to get rid of the problem is to do a system reboot.
This is very tedious since i'm doing a lot of work in unity and unreal for vr, and everytime i want to turn SteamVR back on it will break with error 308, requiring me to save and close all programs (maya/photoshop/blender/3dsmax) and editors.

Is there a way to consistently fix this without having to resort to a reboot? 

Win 8.1 x64
32gb ddr4
Asus X99-E WS motherboard
Intel I7 5960X CPU
SamsungEvo 840 SSD
WD Red 6TB drive

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