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Vive Focus: Reaching A Memory Cap When Using Video


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For our Vive Focus app we're using a lot of video to display characters. We're on Unity 2017.4.5f1 and the headset has been update as has the Vive Wave API. The characters are all rendered onto one video file for each section of the scenario. The videos end up being about 17MB per video and when it's prepared it takes up about 0.3MB of video memory according to the Unity profiler.


Whenever I prepare multiple videos for playback it can cause stuttering and make videos freeze so I'd like to prepare them all in advance. If the amount of video memory used reaches 1MB from preparing multiple videos it seems likely for video to freeze permanently.


I'm curious if this has something to do with the video memory of the Vive Focus Headset or if this is likely an Android or Unity thing somehow. It seems strange that preparing a video will make the headset freeze and that multiple videos being prepared can make the whole app freeze when using such a small amount of memory.


None of these issue seem apparent on PC so any insight into what could be causing this would be great.



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Hi Brandon,
By any chance did you make any progress with this issue? We are also experiencing some difficulty when using videos on the Vive Focus. Once we reach a certain point our videos don't play. Similarly to your issue, we don't experience this on PC. 




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