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USB and Game loading issues after installing Vive software


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My PC was running perfectly until I went through process for installing Vive Pro (ViveProHmdSetup.exe) Although the Vive Pro works perfectly other software and peripherals on the PC now do not work as they should. Corsair Dark Core wireless mouse is constanly losing wireless connection, Trackir software takes 5 minutes to load as does Arma 3 game instead of a few seconds prior to Vive install. The PC seems to be doing nothing. It took me a few days to narrow this down to the Vive installation after reinstalling Windows 10 64 from scratch and testing the PC after each new program or hardware installation. The PC is an i7 8700K, Asus Maximus Hero X with latest bios, 16Gb  RAM, Titan Xp, Samsung M.2 Pcie for OS and SSD's for game installations. Even if the Vive Pro is disconnected, the problems persist. I have no idea how to fix this and was going to contact support directly but thought I'd try this forum first in case someone experienced the same issues or knew of a fix.

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