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Headset Tracks for a few seconds just fine, and then says it can't find base station


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Im using a AMD FX 8350, GTX 1070, 16 GB's of ram. With a 78LMT-USB3 R2  Gigabyte Motherboard.


I haven't used the Vive in about 3 months due to issues with an overheating PC and slow video card.


I plug it in today, and it starts to track the base stations, then about 30 seconds later, it goes white and says it cannot see any Base station. my base stations are plugged in and they haven't moved from their last position 3 months ago.


As far as I know, the drivers are up to date.


Does anyone have a solution for this? I try to do anything in vr at all and it give me this error after a short lag spike


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, are you sure this isn't a manifestation of the overheating/underpowered GPU issues? These could just be a different manifestation of it.


Are the basestations powering down/entering standby mode? If they're on, you should be able to see the faint red glow of the sync LED array. In some cases, bluetooth power management can mistakenly turn off the basestations leading to a similar scenario. 


I've noticed anecdotally that SteamVR instances can get funky if left unused for a while. Asides from potentially uninstalling and reinstalling the main branch of SteamVR, I'd recommend trying the temporary backup branch which is currently available. 

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