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Vive Pro: RTX 2080Ti has 3 Display Ports, 1 HDMI, 1 USB-C - will I need to unplug my monitor ?


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Hullos all!

Explaining the topic title ;o)


I'm planning to upgrade my Vive to a Vive Pro, and my GTX 980 to a RTX 2080Ti.


My PC only got USB2 and USB3 ports.


Since the Pro needs Displayport, and I am running a 3-monitor setup (monitors only have Displayports), I was wondering about the USB-C connection located on the RTX 2080Ti.


So my question is:

Will I be able to use the USB-C port on the RTX 2080Ti to drive the Vive Pro, maybe via a USB-C -> Displayport adapter, or will I have to invest in a HDMI-Displayport adapter and run one of my monitors off the HDMI plug on the RTX 2080Ti?


Worst case scenario is that I'll have to unplug a monitor every time I'm using VR, and that's a situation I'd like to avoid ;o)



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, we do not have samples of RTX cards on hand to answer your specific questions at this point in time. I will quickly point out that you can never successfully use an HDMI device, adapter, cable, ect... with the Vive Pro as it is a Displayport 1.2+ device which is entirely incompatible with HDMI.


The Pro is not a VitualLink native device. Generally speaking, I would avoid using any sort of adapter to connect the Pro whenever possible and would recommend using one of the standard Displayport Ports to connect to the Pro and using an adapter on either the HDMI or USB-C port to provide an additional Displayport for the third monitor. Nvidia has not announced the full specs of that USB-C port including which Display signals it's compatible with. 


That said, the RTX line is an unreleased series of GPUs - It's always best to actually wait and see how these types of products preform and behave in real-life before committing to them. Publicly confirmed info about the RTX cards are still pretty much limited to the announcement presentation. 

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Hullos David!


Yeah, I gathered as much after spending a bit more Google-fu on the topic, but it's good to hear it directly from you guys.


Oh well - I'll just pop out a monitor when needed - who needs those anyways when I got a Vive Pro? ;o)


Thanks for your thorough and swift reply - highly appreciated!




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