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How do I use the WaveVR simulator?


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How do I use the WaveVR simulator?


- After a yellow screen with "Simulator server is running.", It will not proceed anymore.

- We are testing using Unity (2018.1.2 / 2017.4.2 / 5.6.3).
- The usual Android build on Unity is OK.
- https://hub.vive.com/en-US/profile/documents <- I could not find information about the Simulator except here.
- What is the function of "Simulator"?

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From your screenshot, it seems there is no connection between Unity and HMD.


Please make sure following things:


  1. USB line is plugin between HMD and PC.
  2. adb devices is workable.
  3. Simulator server is started. (yellow page should be shown on the HMD, and don’t go to suspend/pause) <- very important


After all above things are ready, please try again.


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In order for security protection, we don't provide option to enable/disable P sensor for external developer and customers.

That's why your HMD goes into suspend very soon so the connection is broken.

Please use a sticker to block P sensor to disable auto-detect suspend/resume, so the HMD will always be ON then you can enjoy simulator function.

Let me know if it works for you or not.



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Does "P sensor" in the picture above mean this?

It did, but it did not work.



And if the simulator is successful, what happens to the HMD screen and Unity's edit screen?
What can developers get from the simulator?
What does the simulator do?




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