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How do I use the WaveVR simulator?


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Hi All,


We have clarified most failure cases existed if Headset already connected with other WiFi (for example you already log in Viveport or have WiFi connection). We will phase in solution and upgrade on next formal release (the end of Oct.)

For your short-term workaround, you may disable WiFi connection first and use USB cable for the Simulator.

Hope this is workable on your working environment.


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Thank you also but you only see the HMD view in the editor / gameview when you press play and in the HMD you only see the yellow square server running.


I thought the Unity editor would be sent to the headset when you press play.

Also It crashes Unity 5, 2017 and 2018 after a few trys.

Windows 10 actual version

newest .NET

WaveVR 2.1.0


Can you confirm us, if Simulator should actually display the Unity Editor in the HMD on pressing play in Unity and that we can also use the controller in play mode?


Any tricks like stuff that we should have in our settings, Editor settings, Playersettings and so on.

USB 2 or 3, I have it connected to usb3

Controller does not work either in play mode.


This simulator is going to be a must when dev for Focus, so please get it working well.

Thank you for helping us.



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Ok, everything is clear now for me. We obiously cannot have unity display the editor inside the hmd. That would have been perfect.


Could this feature live play from unity editor directly to hmd come some day?

or are we just going to have to build the apk to see the results in the hmd?


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From the above link I posted I tried out his solution and it works. There is lag in the focus but I am sure you could improve on that maybe with something like NatCam Pro.

It would be great to also get the data from the controller directly into Unity.

This would eventually mean being able to test a scene completely from the Unity Editor directly to the Vive Focus without building and also being able to use the controller..


So now I know it can work I will stay with the Vive Focus and look forward to your positive further developments in this area.


I personally think that if you want developers to make more VR content, then this is the way to go, so that development is much, much faster indeed.

Thanks from




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