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C200 (Room Setup) - Symptoms and Solutions


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If the “Error C200 Room Setup is Invalid” message keeps showing up, and games can’t be loaded through it, it is probably caused by conflicts created by something installed in the PC. Check your anti-virus software first. If the problem still exists, uninstall and install the SteamVR, update firmware for all the devices, update graphics driver and restart the computer.

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I know its an old post my issue is same but in a different scenario. I face this error when i switch to another user account. Everytime I have to setup the Room to start my game/Application. Is there any way I can avoid this ??

Also other than that anything Steam VR saves user specific ?


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 - I'd probably x-post to the SteamVR forums as that's definitely something that's specific to SteamVR and not the Vive hardware.


The roomsetup primarily alters two files but they're common resource files found under C:\Program Files (x86) rather than a private directory that's local to one of the users.  

  • <steam>/config/chaperone_info.vrchap
  • <steam>/config/lighthouse/lighthousedb.json

In a worst case, you may be able to backup these two files and redeploy them when an overwrite occurs.

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