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Camera not working with Wireless Adapter


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My Vive camera is not working with the wireless adapter.

It works fine if I connect the Vive with the 3in1 cable.


With the wireless adapter, everything is working fine except for the camera.


Windows 10 Device Manager, under "Cameras" shows "HTC Vive" and says "This device is working properly".


If I look at the Camera settings under SteamVR it says "Camera Not Available - The camera is not recognized on the USB port that the Vive is plugged into. Try a different USB port and restart SteamVR"


The thing is, it's connected with the wireless adapter so the Vive is not actually plugged into a USB port on the PC. I have replugged all the connections on the headset too.


SteamVR -> USB -> Device Details shows the camera is there but SteamVR -> Camera Settings shows it not available


I have uninstalled the USB drivers from SteamVR developer options and rebooted, but no joy. Microphone is working fine.


Any help is appreciated!

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I finally got the camera working over wireless!


Here's the steps I followed:

After reinstalling Vive software and SteamVR several times (with wireless connection) and no luck fixing the camera, I tried switching back to a wired connection with the 3in1 cable. However I was no longer able to get the camera to work (previously, it was working when wired but not if I went to wireless).


Uninstalled all Vive Software, SteamVR, and deleted all the leftover config folders (anything with "HTC" or "Vive" in the name that I could find under AppData) and rebooted the PC.


Reinstalled Vive Software & SteamVR and made sure everything was working with the wired connection. I actually got the same camera not found error right after the install, but I rebooted windows and then the camera was working ok after that.


Finally, installed the Vive wireless software again and now my Camera is working over the wireless adapter!

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