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Vive wireless adapter Missed Framerate with Vive Pro


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After installing the Vive wireless adapter I have continuous missed framerates. If the headset is is left alone on the my desk I have a solid green bar, but if I touch the wireless headset a little. Red missed framerates are rapidly over the use to be green bar causing lagging and distorted displays on both the monitor and the my Vive PRO.  Does anyone know how to fix this issue.


**Note** Everything works fine using the cable hook up.


Computer Spec:


AMD RYZEN 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor

32GB GSKILL TridentZ  DDR4 memory

1TB Samsung 970 EVO M.2


System Report:



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Turn on 'Allow asynchronous reprojection'

Turn off 'Allow interleaved reprojection'

Turn off 'Enable Always-on Reprojection'


That should improve things.

I'd also try changing the 'mode' in the wireless apps settings, you could be getting some interference on the channel being used.

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Thanks JellybeansOW I tried that and it does make a tiny improvement but does not fix the severe loss of frames.


In my case the cabled connection does not drop any frames, and now on Vive Wireless it drops almost all frames.


Keen to hear from you or anyone else with fresh ideas?

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Thanks  I've tried using all available PCIe slots and also removed all other PCIe components to isolate the Vive WiGig card. Unfortunately this did not help. 


I will try the update in the next hour or two. 


And if that doesn't work I'll try a new MOBO with PCIe 3.0. And send the bill to Vive ;)  

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