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Can't compile a project from Unreal Engine 4

MDV Games

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Hello guys,

Has anyone got success compiling the project on Unreal Engine 4? When attempting to compile the demo plugin (Sea of Cube), I'm getting the compiling errors. 


Part of the log file:

Someone has a similar errors? How to fix it?


Thanks in advance.

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Please make sure you have copied files to the correct location.

  1. Copy and paste WaveVR to <Your Project Folder>\Plugins\
  2. Copy and paste ThirdParty to <Whrere you install your UE4>\Epic Games\UE_4.20\Engine\Source\ThirdParty

But I think maybe you already done it before from your previous post.

In our experiences, sometimes there will be older files in the same directories so please delete all files above and then redo copy again (to make clean build) and basically the error will be disappered.

Thanks and hope it works for you.


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Hi ,


We suspect there might be some old files conflict under your directories.

Please delete all files under below, then redo copy and clean build.



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