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Repair center awfull


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I bought my son the vive for his birthday. One of the controllers didn't work right out of the box. Unfortunately I made the decision to send it in instead of just returning the whole unit immediately, because they assured me it would be about 2 weeks to get it back. Well it's going on 2 months now. The chat help(ha!) can't do anything except tell you to check back in a couple of days. Now they're telling me that can't find my package even though I have the UPS tracking number that proves it was delivered. Has anyone been able to find out a phone number? Just dealing with chat gets you nowhere

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I had the same issue but with the main unit not showing video. after an hour of troubleshooting they said display is bad and to send in. i waited 2 months, they said they never received the package. then when i showed proof of delivery to them they said tracking system was down. i had enough and just asked to send it back to me un-repaired. it took them a week to find it and 15 messages to them to finally get it back. it just showed up. worse is i did final troubshooting myself and put a new cable on it and sure enough it was just the cable bad. now i have the wireless and kicking myself in the butt. nothing but connection issues so far. HTC has gone WAYYY down here for support. really really sad.

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