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SteamVR gives error 306 with wireless adapter


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Okay, it's still happening even with a new unit? Reset all your display settings and remove all but one monitor and try again. Often times error 306 has something to do with multiple displays conflicting or windows display settings.

Can you also make a System Report and PM me with the file attached?

Thank you,

-John C

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I have literally just solved this issue. I have two monitors (a benq 4k and a Samsung 1080p) being run by a zotac amp extreme 1080 ti. My 4k monitor was connected via hdmi 2.0 my 1080p monitor was connected by a dvi to HDMI adapter and my vive was connected via a display port to HDMI connector. In short I had to rearrange the cables to ensure that the vive was connected direct through the HDMI port my 4k had to use the DVI adapter and my 1080p had to use the display port adapter.


I am not sure if this will help any of you but that is what I did to get rid of the terrible "306" error.

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