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Wireless Adapter - Power Bank not charging


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I got the adaptor, put everything together, and am now discovering the power bank seems to be defective and will not hold a charge.  Using a Samsung QC 3.0 Faster charger it will blink a few times then go blank.  Plugging it into a wall outlet USB port or a USB 3.0 on my computer results in a single slow blinking green light but thats it.  Leaving it on charge overnight still results in one blinking light and no charge.

Any ideas?  

Customer Service was horrendous.  I was told my only options were to get a refund or wait a month for a replacement.  They refuse to send me a new power bank and will only do a refund or wait a month, and either way I have to pay for shipping.  

This is, by far, the worst customer support I've ever experienced with tchnology.

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, plugged into what? With some output devices, having 2 bars on a 5 hour charge actually makes sense. Please report back on your charging source and if possible switch over to the highest amperage charger you have on hand. 


A couple of notes for this thread based off conversations with other customers:

  • The battery that ships with the Vive is ~10,000ma, about 4-5 times the capacity of a standard smartphone battery.
    • The quickest way to charge it is via a QC 3.0 enabled charging device/port. 
  • The chargers that ship with a Vive kit used for the controllers only output 100ma. They are not suitable to charge the Wireless adapter. 
  • USB 2.0 ports typically output 500ma 
  • USB 3.0 ports typically output 900ma 
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Still an issue and I'm about 2 seconds away from returning the whole thing since Vive can't give me a quick  turnaround, so I'm hoping you can answer the following questions:


power adapter - The fact that an HTC power adapter is not included in the box is just about the stupidest thing ever.  That being said, what SPECIFIC charger is recommended for fast charging?  I don't want a generic QC 3.0 answer, is there one specific Adaptor that is recommended?


Power Bank - Can a different 3rd party power bank be used to power the headset?  Specifically something like this, but if there are any others that will work please list them: 





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As we've mentioned, any QC 3.0 charger will work to charge up your battery. 


Also, with all of the numerous batteries out there available on the market, it is tough to test them all and make a proper recommendation. One might work where another wouldn't. If a 3rd party battery damages your adapter or HMD, this isn't covered under your warranty. This is one of the reasons why we recommend using the HTC provided battery.


I've sent you a reply to your PM. Please read the most recent. Thank you.

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