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iMac Pro and VIVE Pro Issues


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We recently bought the new iMac Pro and ordered a Vive Pro because Apple wanted to intregrate Plug and Play Support for the VIVE Pro in Mojave. I needed a few hours just to get it recognized by the system. 

Now to my Problem: 

Steam VR recognize the Vive Pro System(Including Base Stations,Controllers) , but when I start an Application(Caliban Below in this Case) the Tracking and all of this Stuff is working, i also get the Picture on the display mirror saying it sends the picture to the Glasses, (tracking and all of this works, but i have no picture in the VIVE), instead of this, i always get the game in a seperate window on the computer.  I Use the delivered Cable and a DeLock 4k60HZ USB-C to DP 1.2 Adapter. Do you have a recommendation for an Adapter that works?


Thanks for your help in adavance


Best Regards



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