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Wireless + Pro = grey(cyan?) screen after exiting app and randomly during startup

Scott G

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I consistently have a problem with the HMD going all grey and never re-rendering after I exit Fallout 4 VR.  It generally requires shutting down SteamVR and the VIVE Wireless app then restarting them followed by a headset reboot to get any rendering back.
Seems to be specific to Fallout 4 so far and I vaguely recall that it did odd things with locking up the SteamVR scene prior to switching to wireless so this may not be wireless related by just showing different symptoms.

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So maybe it's not FO4VR specific. Same thing just happened after exiting Beat Saber.  Got the "This is Real" scene for about 5 seconds then all grey and now I can't get the headset to render. But at least this time it only required restarting SteamVR to get it working again. With FO4VR so far it has consistently required restarting both apps and rebooting headset.. sometimes more than once.

I also randomly have problems when starting up SteamVR. Often it'll give me the This is Real scene for 5-20 seconds then go to the gray screen and be frozen until I restart SteamVR and/or the Wireless app or sometimes a headset reboot.  Oddly, it's not happened mid-game so far.
When this happens, the Headset Mirror window just shows the This is Real scene frozen (moving the headset doesn't update it).

I have seen the thread about Ryzen CPUs and I'm on a 2700X but I haven't had a single BSoD or had Windows freeze up, just SteamVR/the HMD.

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