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Problems with the Wireless Adapter for Vive Pro Video Glitches make it unplayable


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I can't seem to play any thing.  The Video would skip or freeze or glitch, like you are falling through the room.

I got so fustrated I actually put the wire back on.


I already upgraded my graphics card I have GeForce GTX 1070 driver version 411.70

It worked fine when it was wired.


My Vive wireless has 4 bars.  

height of the wireless pointer that is attach to my computer placed at eye level


I everyone having trouble?  I am starting to think maybe they should just come out with a longer wire and I can just hang it above the ceiling.

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Hello Khan, one thing that is known for this technology is that the signal is really susceptible... Does the transmitter has a clear line of sight on your receiver (On your head) ? Are you 100% sure that the transmitter is well connected to the pcie card ? Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back ? PCIE Lane are sometime used by dumb process that we don't use ... depending on which motherboard/chipset you have it might be the case. Go in your motherboard and make sure to disable everything you don't use. If you use M2 SSD for example often they use the PCIE lane of your motherboard ... which is really annoying. Most regular motherboard/chipset only support 16 PCIE lane ... so that mean when you put 1 PCIE GPU like a 1080TI it will use X16 and if you add other stuff your motherboard might get cranky a bit ... Some will switch to X8/X8 mode ... or X8/X4/X4 mode ... but disabling all that is useless and using lane will help the stability of the system. So in my case I don't need the HD audio for example because I have USB headphone ... that's just an example. There's other new thing that came out with the latest windows update ... like task priority for drive access... you might need to start the game and change the task priority to high to help with the choppiness.


Me and my friend tested the adapter after installing it pretty much live on our youtube channel ... It worked perfectly with the 1080TI inside the 2nd PCIE X4.

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Since switching off a Ryzen CPU, mine has been very stable.  If you're on an Intel system that exceeds the specs (their min specs are really too low because that WiGig uses a lot of CPU) and have clear line of sight between the HMD and the transmitter, I'd suggest maybe there's some type of interference in the room.  Eliminate any other wireless techs in there that you can as a test. 
Also make sure you haven't manually pushed your resolution/super sampling and reprojection too high causing bandwidth bottlenecks.

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What CPU are you using? It's specs are equally important as your GPU with this product. If you have a Ryzen CPU, we're tracking user reports of incompatibilities in another thread. 


General notes:

The current Nvidia driver is 416.16 and it includes a handful of Vive specific changes - not sure if it will help in this situation. It may also help to try a different PCI-E slot. Within the wireless adapter's companion app, there is also the option to select different wireless channels, you may have better luck with channel 2 or 3. You probably won't see a longer coax cable on this generation of wireless solution - 60Ghz signals simply do not like traveling through coax and the current 2M cable is really the practical limit for carrying the kind of signal WiGig is based off. 



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