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Student Hoping to Learn More about VR Display Hardware


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Hi All,


I’m a PhD student working on a project with a new AMOLED display technology, and I'm trying to explore its potential applications for VR. I was wondering if someone with knowledge of the display technologies used in VR would answer a few questions I had:


  1. What kind of display technology is typically used in VR headsets and why? (e.g. LTPS-AMOLED, TFT-LCD, etc)

  2. What are the current biggest challenges or shortcomings when it comes to VR display technology? (e.g., resolution is not high enough)

  3. What would be the ideal specs for display technology for VR devices, and which of these specs are the hardest to achieve? (e.g., ppi resolution, power usage, cost per eye, flexibility...) 

  4. As a newbie to the VR industry, would you say that there’s anything that differentiates the big VR players from a display perspective?

Thanks all!

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