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Vive controller tracking issue persisting even with new Vive


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I had a Vive for two years with no problems at all. Starting about 2 weeks ago the right controller would lose tracking while playing Beat Saber (doesn't matter which controller is paired to the right). Went through customer service who helped troubleshoot and determined it was the HMD. Instead of paying to repair that one I opted to get a new Vive setup (not Pro).


The issue persisted. Same side. Same behavior. I thought maybe something in the room suddenly was causing problems so to be thorough I moved everything out of a bedroom and setup the Vive in there with the computer in the closet and cords going under the door. I also covered the window with black cloth and there were no light fixtures (older building). 


So in a room with only a new Vive setup and nothing else to speak of, the issue persisted. My final thoughts are either:

A. The new Vive I ordered came damaged in the exact same way my old one "is". Very low probability.

B. A recent update to my computer is causing this to occur. An update did occur to windows in the same timeframe.

C. My USBs on my motherboard and tower are having problems. Also unlikely for them all to go bad. 


Additional things I did was a full reset of Windows 10 (using the option in recovery) and tried various USB ports, 2.0 and 3.0.


Any thoughts on what it could be? I am going to set up testing the Vive on another Vive capable computer in the next week or so. 

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I said software meaning most likely the game. Sorry for the confusion.


The issue persisted with two different headsets (one new and one old) on both computers. Unless both headsets were having the same hardware issue (or two different issues that behaved the same way), I would think it was the game itself. 

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