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Request for angled USB cable for Wireless Adapter


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Now i got the wireless to work (after reinstalling windows) I came across a usecase that might be problematic for the vive's wireless adapter.
When using the vive wireless with a chair that has a headrest, the plug of the usb power cable of the vive wireless adapter leans against the side of the chair, This will cause stress on the USB port and cable.
Therefor i would reccomend to offer some sort of angled/slim/lowprofile USB cable for the back of the vive wireless. That way when doing seated VR it will not wear out the USB port.

A cable similar to the one that goes into the top of the vive, below the hatch would work great alleviating these stresses.

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I fully agree. In fact, I have already purchased one. This unit (link) works great and allows you to almost lay down flat on the ground. The cable will still touch the floor and put strain on the port, but not nearly as bad as the unit that comes with the wireless adapter. I wish the power input port was on the side or front of the adapter instead of the rear. And for those with the VIVE Pro, rest in pieces as your cable /adapter get destroyed if you lay down on it...


The right angle adapter does not get hot with use and seems to be holding up just fine. I've probably got 20 hours on it so far. You can secure it in place with the velcro strap that comes with the Deluxe audio strap. This adapter also removes strain from the plug on the wireless adapter from constant plugging in and out when you start and finish a session, since you can just leave it plugged in all the time. Watch out though, HTC may claim that using this will void your warranty.

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