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Vive Tracker tdm sync lost


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Hello, i am getting random loss tracking. I have 3 trackers first version for full body. It happens absolutly randomly. Few days it can be fine, but anothers days again. Before tracker got tdm sync lost it jittering few seconds. All mirrors covered. Anomaly...


When tracker got loss tracking i replug dongle and it works fine all session or can got loss tracking again after few hours. If i just disable and enable tracker in SteamVR menu, it can be work only ~5 minutes.


This is log when i got loss tracking:

20:14:54.132 - lighthouse: LHR-19B77CDB C: Resetting tracking: no optical samples for 2003ms
20:14:54.132 - lighthouse: LHR-19B77CDB C: Dropped 33882 back-facing hits, 7 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session
20:14:59.137 - lighthouse: LHR-19B77CDB C: Trying to start tracking from base C02EFF42: Not enough contiguous samples for a bootstrap pose
20:14:59.893 - lighthouse: LHR-19B77CDB C: tdm sync lost
20:15:04.137 - lighthouse: LHR-19B77CDB C: No optical frames in past 5 seconds
20:15:54.435 - lighthouse: LHR-19B77CDB C: tdm sync acquired
20:15:55.673 - lighthouse: LHR-19B77CDB C: ----- BOOTSTRAPPED base 335F17EB (immediate) distance 2.25m velocity 0.53m/s recorded pitch ~25.8 deg roll ~-0.1 deg -----
2018 20:15:57.862 - lighthouse: LHR-19B77CDB C: ----- CALIBRATED base 335F17EB at pitch 25.77 deg roll -0.57 deg -----
2018 20:15:59.160 - lighthouse: LHR-19B77CDB C: Optical frames received again...


Full log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iecw9iknan44ll7/vrserver.txt?dl=0


Video examples in game:

Example issue with hip tracker: https://youtu.be/C3hDE764Djg

Example issue with feet tracker: https://youtu.be/YdTUAn3_KZc


Also i am using Bluetooth Communication (ASUS USB-BT400). Can it be the problem?

For trackers i use PCI Usb Hub ORIENT VA-3U4PE. I also tried use another usb ports.


I have WiFi router in my room, but i tried disable it during game session.


Please help me how to find what can cause that problem?


System specs:

Win 10 x64 17134

MSI Z370 Gaming Plus

i7 8700K

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

16gb RAM



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, in addition to the above post; are you putting all of the dongles on the same hub in close proximity to each other? The reason they come with cradles is that you can't have powerful BT transcievers in close proximity next to each other without them causing co-channel interference. Does the behavior happen when you add the cradles back into the system to separate out the transcievers? This would be my best guess as they're all using the same common Bluetooth frequency. 

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, i think it isn't close to each other.


Also i have a question. When i started SteamVR and enabled trackers, two of three trackers (one on feet and one on hip) after ~5 minutes stop tracking and after a few minutes start tracking again. Is that normal? Looks like first initialization. It happens every time.

I still testing, maybe those two trackers have bad dongles. Does tracker connect to random dongle?

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