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Vive Wireless, HMD will not turn on. Shows as Headset not detected (108)


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, Okay - so this means that you've captured a play session where the HMD worked and then failed - this should result in some helpful feedback in the SteamVR system log. Take a look at your system report (or link it to me via PM) and hopefully we'll pull some context out of it. I'm very hesitant to agree with "something in the HMD" is causing the USB to disconnect - the HMD itself are fairly robust and pretty binary - they either work or they don't work. It could be the 3-in-1 which is more fragile or the PC itself which has a remarkably fragile software ecosystem due to how Windows, SteamVR, and all of the other random software on it interacts with each other. 

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No, no asus software installed.

, I have a lot of USB continuous connect and disconnect issues myself.  These started when I simply changed to a new vive pro (I had to RMA another one because of a single bad headphone).  That said, I think there was an update to Vive Wireless at the exact same time.


Anyhow, a re-install of Windows will do the trick (temporarily) as will uninstalling and re-installing the Vive Wireless software.  The easiest way for me (i.e., this is what worked for me), so I can actually play my Vive uninterrupted, is to go to Device Manager and remove the Intel WiGig device.  Then simply right-click your computer name at the top of the tree in Device Manager and select "Scan for Hardware Changes".  After this, fire up the Vive Wireless software and wait a few minutes while it re-attaches all the drivers.  I'll repeat this process:


(again, this works for me for a similar problem)

1. Open Device Manager.

2. Go to the Intel entry and select it.

3. Uninstall the Intel WiGig adapter.

4. Right-click the computer name at the top of the tree.

5. Select "Scan for Hardware Changes".

6. The Intel WiGig adapter you uninstalled should re-appear.

7. Plug in the battery to your Vive.

8. Open the Vive Wireless software and let all the drivers install.


After this you should get no USB disconnect for your next play session at least. 


For me, I've been having to do this every now and then.  The errors I get are:


1. In device manager, a yellow "warning" icon is next to 3-4 USB Composite devices.  All of these have Error 38, "previous instance of driver in memory" (or something similar).  NOTE: USB Composite devices are basically "created" by software - in this case, the Vive Wireless software.


2. In the *System* Event Log, there is a row for each connect and disconnect cycle (Windows only tries this about 10-20 times then gives up), each with Kernel PnP error 219 - I can't remember the driver off the top of my head but I don't think the error thrown is perfectly representative of the problem.



In any case, if you're having a connect/disconnect USB problem, give that a try.  And note that I have *not* had this happen once everything is connected successfully - I can play games/experiences/apps/whatever until the battery goes dead.



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Uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless software has done nothing.  I have been able to remove all usb drivers, create a new windows user, and then reinstall the hardwired headset and linbox.  After that I install the wireless adapter app and switch to wireless.  It has worked twice this way for about 4-5 mins but then dropped out as before.

I am hesitant to wipe my box as I have a lot of other things I use it for.  I am looking at setting up a second box with a clean install of Win 10, moving my video card and vive to it to see if it works there.

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Was there still no fix to this?? Im having the exact same issue.. Was working great for a small period of time... It keeps disconnecting me in game, last time after 40 minutes... Now I can not get a green light on the headset or SteamVR at all, even though the Wireless Adapter shows a steady 4 bars..


I also had issues before with my controllers not tracking...


I am a live streamer and this has been destroying my live streams.... I am so disappointed with this expensive purchase and can not seem to figure out how to fix..


Also, everytime I try to uninstall my Vive Wireless app to reinstall, my computer crashes during the uninstall and im not able to uninstall... WTF!!!



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Weird thing that HTC don't know about their own stuff. Some time ago I reached them via chat and after doing some tests and sending them some logs they asked me to send my equipment, as they told me that my equipment had an issue. Question is I'm from Brazil and it would take lots of time to send it and have it back. So I started an investigation and saw that lots of people were having the same issue as me.

I tried everything. Formated my PC, unplugged all USB PCI-e cards, my AVerMedia card - which I'm still not using as I still don't have a mirrorless camera and I'm still using my Logitech Brio - installed fans on the top of vive wireless, switched the WiGig card to every free slot and I still kept having the disconnection issue. I started messing with everything that was possible, even disabling the anti virus and everything you can't even imagine - for months - and nothing worked.

Then I searched for the folder in which the exe to start vive wireless is found. There are some extra exe files over there and I started running every each of them. Then I found a file called PCIeGenConfig.exe. I ran it and it opened a window with an option to enable PCIeGen setting. And then... ta-daaaaah! My disconnection issue was simply gone!!! It seems the WiGig card has some problems regarding the PCI-e gen from some motherboards, and that's what I'm talking about when I told you that it seems HTC doesn't know about their own stuff.

Lots of people struggling to maintain connection with their Vive headsets, and it can be simply resolved by running this exe and enabling this PCIeGen thing. The weirdest thing is that when I searched on Google for this exe file I found only 2 pages mentioning it! That gives me the creeps! It's a simple fix that even HTC doesn't have a clue about! It would be good if you could report my case to them, as they could just give people this instruction instead of asking guys to send them their equipment that's actually in good shape! End of story lol with a happy ending! I hope my experience and resolutions can help more people that are suffering because of the lack of knowledge of a company that doesn't understand their own devices! Regards from Brazil!

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