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Viveport GetUserName call blocks thread for half a second


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Using the latest viveport sdk on the focus, calls to User.GetUserName take 0.25 to 0.5 seconds every time. This locks up the render thread and the view in the vive focus. I am using Unity 5.6.3.p1.


I'm looking into a work around by threading the call to get username's java implementation but haven't had any luck with it yet. Anyone else running into this?

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Thank you very much for letting us know your question.

May I know if you are always getting the user's name to do something? 

If yes, as you said , please use the API by antoher thread. 

And we plan to release the new non-block API on next SDK release and you will have it before end of November. 

Sorry for inconvenient. 




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We call it several times and clearly need to cache it, but even single call locks up the game for 0.5 seconds.

Are you sure it would work if I threaded it? I put the call in a new unity C# thread and it fails to file the java objects.

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Hi frgaj1:


Sorry for late response. 

From you file, you should do :

1. Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, APP_ID); on main thread. 

2. On InitStatusHandler callback function, check the return value is successful. Then call UserStats.IsReady(IsReadyHandler);

3. On IsReadyHandler callback function,  check the return value is successful. Then call 

 Api.GetLicense(new LicenseChecker(OnLicenseCheckSuccess, OnLicenseCheckFailure), APP_ID, APP_KEY);

4. On LicenseChecker callback function, check the DRM is successful. Then create a coroutine to get the display name.
Hope it can help you to solve it. Thanks a lot. 

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