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3in1 cable broken, received no repair instructions


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Hello Support,

my problem is, my 3in1 cable connected to the Vive Pro HMD is broken after 6 month of medium usage, but also the web based support chat sayed they'll send return instructions to me and actually nothing happend. I've two questions:

1. Do i need to return my complete HMD, even if i'm sure only the cable is broken? I've seen this problem solved  much more client friendly by sending a new 3in1 cable to the customer.

2. Can you help me to send  my device for repair? I'm falling under EU customer protection law, so i'm sure you want to check my device for temperation etc. but how do i send in the device? The web chat sayed they're sending an email, but i've not received return instructions.

Any help is appreciated. A European customer.

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