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Black hole that is the vive repair shop


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I've now been without a functioning vive for a month and a half. It's the second time my Vive's screen has gone black and had to send in the hmd to the repair facility in TX.  Last time they repaired it pretty quickly. This time I have been waiting for a month -after seeing my package arrived at the facility and got a signature upon arrival.  Everyone I've spoken to has said they have no record for my RMA arriving and have no status updates at all.  They just keep telling me to be patient and wait for further information.....no time frame, no information on possible next steps. They are treating the repair facility as a completely separate entity and a black box.


I am a full time developer. I use my Vive to make my living and so I've had to turn down jobs because I have no working Vive.  Has anyone had success doing something different to get information or status updates on their RMA's? Considering legal action as well as stopping Vive development in favor of Oculus/mobile only.

Thanks all.


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