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Vive Pro 2.0 controller blinking orange


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I can't seem to figure out what's going on with one of my Vive 2.0 controllers. I recently set up my Vive Pro at my new apartment, and set my controllers to charge (on the wall) before playing anything. Well, I forgot about them charging, and they ended up charging overnight. Before unplugging them that morning, I noticed both LEDs were still orange and did not switch to white like they normally do when fully charged. I figured they really were charged since they were left overnight, so I unplugged them and tried launching SteamVR. I turned the controllers on, but only one showed up in SteamVR and works fine. The other turns on with the LED starting with solid blue, and then immediately turns into blinking orange and will not show up in SteamVR or within the HMD. If I attempt to manually pair it, it will tell me that the pairing was successful, but still retain the blinking orange light and not show up afterwards. I attempted the "unpairall" command via the lighthouse_console.exe. I also attempted to reset it with the five button hold method, plugging in to the PC, and letting it do it's thing before unplugging it. I tried uninstalling my Vive drivers and reinstalling. I also have noted that if the linkbox is on with everything plugged in, lighthouses on, and SteamVR closed, if I turn on the controller it launches SteamVR. I've read that a blinking orange light means the battery is low, but I have left it plugged in for multiple hours aside from the overnight charge. It also still shows solid orange when plugged into the wall, but this last time before this post it showed white and then I unplugged/replugged it back in for it to show solid orange again. Kinda stumped here guys, any light on the situation would be super.

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