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After 1 week of not being able to use the wireless adapter and no respons from htc im gonna try again.


I got the wireless adapter for normal vive 2 weeks ago, it worked fine the first week, then suddenly grayscreen in the vive,  Steam VR says Not Ready  headsett not tracking

but the wireless connection is perfect.    

Ive seen people say  disable the camera in other threads.

I dont know why but mine was never activateed so it wad disabled and it dident help.


Ive seen people say "go buy  a USB 3.0 A-A connection cable  because the one you got with the vive is poor quality" well i cant find any cable like that in a shop near me, not even on the htc page can u find one...

and for the price ive payd  they shud have sendt a good cable not one that last a week.


can anyone pleace help me so i can continue playing wireless... its kinda why i bought the vive in the first place..


i can send dxdiag file to support if needed but i dont wanna post it here but its a good machine

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It does work in normal cable mode, right? The tracking only fails when in wireless? If that's the case, I'd recommend reinstalling the wireless card/adapter. You mentioned the cable: do you have a reason to believe there's something wrong with the cable? I also notice you're in SteamVR beta. Go back to the public release branch and try that.

Thank you,

-John C

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