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Documentation of Params and other enums in the ViveSR_Enums.h file for the C API


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There are too many undocumented params that are not given as examples in the sample application for almost anything to be understood, and too many generic params that don't indicate the unit measurement they accept, the type, the range of inputs, etc.


Most of the Param enums don't have a type specified for their options, so we don't even know what can be get/set, nor do we know whether to get/set as bool, int, float, double, string, ptr, struct, or float array.


A sample application on its own is not a form of documentation, we NEED documentation for the C API, at least for lines 3 through 436 of ViveSR_Enums.h and lines 51-156 of ViveSR_API.h.



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