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I hope I can get some direction. I have a new workstation which has the XEON 4114 CPU. Unfortunate when I run to check if the Vive Pro can work on the system, I am getting that the processor is not part of a compatible list.


Any manner how to resolve this issue?

new system?




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This is a tricky question. From an architecture standpoint, that's Skylake architecture which bodes well. While it has plenty of cores, game engines (and VR games notably) aren't really good at distributing their demand across multiple cores, let alone 10. It will likely work but the stock base speed is rather low and thus you may see some CPU bottlenecking on CPU heavy apps. Server hardware in general is not really the best for gaming because of the lower clock speeds and the fact that many CPU's require very expensive memory. 

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The single-thread performance (In Cinebench) of the Xeon 4114 is pretty close to a Core i5 3570, which is on the minimum side of being able to run VR games well. How the newer architecture scales in VR games at 3.0GHz (4114's max turbo speed) vs the 3570's older architecture but faster 3.8GHz max turbo would be interesting to see.

If I had to take an educated guess, I would say the 4114 could run most VR games, but it is not ideal when compared to say, an i7-8700 or 8700k for example. You could try running an actual VR benchmark to see how it performs in a real 3d environment, and not just a check for hardware.

If you do end up using VR on the Xeon workstation, please post results.

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